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Hi, I'm Carly Mojica,

a Product Designer with a background in CX

From being part of a Fortune 20 enterprise team to a design team of one at a startup, I've thrived solving complex user challenges for internal tools. At Inseer, I'm leading the design program to develop a SaaS product for environmental health and safety teams. Previously, I evolved the employee experience at Verizon by improving point-of-sale software.

Soft Skills


01 Curiosity

Relentless curiosity fuels me to excel. Whether it’s to learn how people tick or to track down the root cause of a problem, my curiosity leads me down a path of discovery. These discoveries evolve projects to the next level.


02 Storytelling

I excel at communicating with radically different groups, ranging from explaining functionality to novice end users to building complex technical logic with developers to discussing strategy with the C-suite. Storytelling helps me share design insights and to define the path forward.


03 Collaboration

I’m a cross-functional team player and creative course corrector who accomplishes business objectives by setting clear goals, defining a strategy, and partnering to work through project barriers.


Carly is one of the most effective project managers I've ever worked with and has provided outstanding results for Verizon Wireless. Her leadership and organizational skills have been widely recognized by her team and company leaders. No matter how complex the problem is, she will always come up with a brilliant, elegant, and cost-effective solution. She is a really remarkable individual with unique skills!

Carrie Manalo, Global Process Owner - Customer Experience @ Meta

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