Verizon Wireless 

Championing the end user

From 2003 to 2010, I worked in regional and area operations for Verizon Wireless, focusing on retail point-of-sale software. While the work I did is protected under a confidentiality agreement, I can share at a high level the responsibilities of my team and the types of projects we managed.

Voice of the User

As an individual contributor and team manager, my role and my team's role was to represent the end user's voice in software development projects. This representation provided insight on users to inform the design of all software applications used by customers and representatives in retail stores, such as the point-of-sale application, reporting tools, loyalty customer management system, bill payment kiosks, check-in devices, etc. 

Research Methodology

To fully understand our end users, we conducted regular visits to retail locations to interview employees and observe their use of the applications. To understand the customer, we mined Net Promoter Score feedback data to identify pain points. We took this data back to the developer team meetings to guide the software iteration designs. 

User Acceptance Testing

After the software developers coded the enhancement release and before it went live, my team would conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT). UAT involved completing all possible transaction types in a test environment to identify issues with the expected performance of an enhancement release and problems with the code. Once UAT was complete, the code would go live in the point-of-sale environment. On the morning of the release, my team performed the same tests in the live environment to ensure the code was copied over correctly. 

Release Support

My team manned a point-of-sale release hotline on the day of the release to support store personnel with any issues processing transactions. If problems with the code were discovered, we would escalate the issue and ensure the developers understood exactly where the problem occurred and in what scenarios. We followed up on the issue until resolved and kept leadership apprised of the situation.  


Listed below are a few of the projects I worked on: 

  • a redesign of the return process to reduce transaction time and increase efficiency.

  • the development of a troubleshooting wizard to improve the diagnosis and recommended resolution of defective devices.

  • the roll-out of a tablet device program and software application that provided front-line retail reps the ability to start order processing during the sales process on the sales floor, reducing transaction time by five minutes.


My time working on point-of-sale for Verizon Wireless put me in the position to advocate for the end user's experience in the development of software applications used within retail locations.