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Data Analytics Dashboard

Actionable insights for AI-generated big data

In 2023, I worked with AI tech startup Inseer to develop a data analytics dashboard for their Vision SaaS platform, which uses computer vision and machine learning to assess ergonomic risk in user-uploaded videos.


Project Summary

I worked as the sole Product Designer to design a data analytics dashboard that distills millions of data points into 6 charts and lists that enables users to quickly identify the best next action. The dashboard design was instrumental in closing a Fortune 50 client.

Academic Design Wasn't Working

In an attempt to synthesize 60 million data points for our target business client, the research team created a version 1 of the data analytics dashboard. The problem was that the dashboard was too complex for the majority of Inseer's target customers and too time-consuming to interpret. 

Inseer's primary user does not have an academic background in ergonomics. They are often Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professionals who are short on time and need to quickly make decisions about where to spend their limited time. 

Version 1 designs by the research team

The Solution

The solution was to build a dashboard that allows users to:

  • Quickly determine areas of opportunity at any level of the organization.

  • Identify trends in the company-level risk scores to determine if the organization is headed in the right direction.

  • Uncover the highest-performing locations to benchmark their best practices.

  • Drill down into the data for in-depth analysis.

Here's how the design delivered these insights.

The Result

The dashboard shipped in June 2023 after a 3-month effort to design, build, and test it. The dashboard has been well-received by current and future customers, as it cuts days-long manual analysis down to a few minutes. 

Inseer was able to close a Fortune 50 company with 83K employees as a direct result of the data analytics dashboard. 

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