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Assessment Report

Useable ergonomics intelligence

In 2023, I worked for AI tech startup Inseer to expand upon their assessment report design for their Vision SaaS platform, which uses computer vision and machine learning to assess ergonomic risk in user-uploaded videos.


Project Summary

I worked as the sole Product Designer to redesign an assessment report that is generated for each user-uploaded video. 

The report utilizes a brand-new composite score which combines 22 metrics for each frame of an uploaded video into one number. 

The design includes auto-generated potential solutions, an industry first and significant competitive advantage.

Unactionable Data

The Vision Inseer system generates 22 metrics for each frame, nearly 40K data points for a 30-second video. In the application's original design, this volume of data was expressed in waveform graphs for each joint along with whisker box plots. 


The problem was that users had to individually view the joints, interpret complex charts, remember risk levels from each joint data set, and then combine all of that information to make meaning. They needed a deep level of ergonomics knowledge to decide on the next best action. Inseer's primary users are Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) professionals that typically do not have a background in ergonomics. 


Pre-redesign assessment report 

The Solution

The solution was to redesign the assessment report to:

  • Incorporate an all-new composite score, which shows the user where the uploaded video sits within the context of an organization's priorities.

  • Tie the individual joint scores to a body graphic to quickly create a mental model for an employee's greatest risk.

  • Automatically generate a list of potential solutions in an industry-first offering specifically geared towards EHS users.

  • Evolve the skeleton overlay to show joint risk on the body timed to the video.

Here's how the design delivered these insights.

The Result

The redesigned assessment report shipped in June 2023, impressing customers and investors alike. The composite score and the potential solutions recommendations are both industry-firsts aimed at revolutionizing automated ergonomics assessments. 

Inseer was able to reduce ergonomics assessment time from two hours to minutes. The redesign makes understanding and implementing task modifications accessible to a user with no ergonomics background. 

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