Welcoming Ceremony

I've debated whether or not to start a new blog over the last year or so.  I've had a few blogs over the years and always at some point, it feels as if they became "too much".  As if the energetic exchange of sharing my process with the world began to drain me.  I began to question the point in all of this writing, posting, and sharing.  I decided to step away from blogging until I could answer that question.


Recently, that answer came to me with clarity and I set out to start back up a blog.  The answer is that I want to share what inspires me, my dreams, ideas, and way of being.  I want to wrap it up in pretty words and pictures and release it out into the ether.  The world needs positivity and goodness and beauty.  In return, by releasing these things, I will receive abundance.  


When I think back on my last experience blogging, I met so many wonderful people and have a whole community of online friends that have impacted my life immeasurably and I cherish to this day.  We inspire each other to live better, freer, more creative lives.  The web created through a year or two of blogging is sticky deep, and ever reaching.


With this want for connection in mind, I declare an intention for this space.  To create a welcoming, opening, empowering circle in which we can share, have our voices heard, provide inspiration, and in turn be inspired.  Join me as I embark on this new venture, raising my voice in hope and anticipation of the ripples that will be created by allowing my voice to be heard.


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